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Patent is the most import important wing of an intellectual property in this global market. Any person who invents the product, process, machinery and other things can be protected under the roof of Patent. An inventor has right to protect the invension in this global world and establish the monopoly over the patented products. Registration of Patent can be obtained by filing a request before the Patent Office in India and concerned country separately or under patent co-operation treaty. Generally, for filing patent application provisional specification is required for domestic inventor and final specification is required for conventional application. Hence, a person who claims to be the proprietor of patents has to furnish the specification of patent product sought for registration.

The validity of patent is 20 years (approximately) for products and 7 years for process patent in India. The same should be renewed from time to time every succeeding year otherwise the patent may be treated as abandoned by the registered proprietor and removed from the register of patents for non payment of fees. Moreover, it is advisable to get the renewal of patent at a glance so that the same can be well protected. The Government allows the payment at a glance.


1.Name, address and nationality of the Applicant/owner.
2. Name, address and nationality of the inventor(s).
3. If the Applicant/owner is not the inventor.
4. For PCT application, Details of First Application / Prior Application, Certified Copy

Relevant information explaining how the Applicant/owner acquired the right to the invention for our preparation of a Statement, which has to be filed with the Patent Office. E.g. The Applicant is the assignee of the inventionor The Applicant is the employer of the inventor etc.

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